As confirmation of our commitment to quality and environmental awareness, we are proud to have obtained the following certifications:


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The declared objective of the Neos Sistemi company is the pursuit of the best quality standards obtainable through the application of innovative technologies, operating according to the ISO 9001-2015, 14001-2015, 13485-2021 standards of its own quality manual.

This standard is very important from the companies quality policy point of view, as it makes other companies aware of how the The Quality Sistem evolves beyond the certification. The most important thing to not lose sight of is the correct information to overcome bureaucracy.

Only after the correct implementation of a Quality System can the company know how the activities are managed (procedures, instructions, specifications) and the results achieved. From the analysis of this information, carried out with the correct methodologies and adequate tools, all the weak points of the business process can be identified and eliminated. However, there are many companies that do not give importance to this aspect and do not realize that it is precisely the ability to collect, analyze and evaluate information to ensure that the Quality System does not turn into bureaucracy.

This improvement course of action provides us with the methodological and technical tools to correctly and effectively manage the information returned from the company management process: process and manufacturing errors, customer complaints, waste of time, inadequate logistics, etc...

In many companies, information gathering and problem solving are still carried out in an informal, empirical way and using experience and intuition. This method of improvisation can help patch up an anomalous situation but cannot be adopted as a working method.


Personnel qualifications

With the continuous training of its personnel, Neos sistemi takes advantage of highly qualified and certified experience, at the service of its customers.

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