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Remote Lift

Remote Lift is a GSM telephone dialer for lifts between the cabin and the emergency call center compliant with the provisions of the specific European regulation UNI EN 81-28.

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The GSM telephone dialer is installed in an elevator system, reduces entrapment time and aids the helpline operators with the trapped people in the event of an elevator emergency.


The two-way Remotelift elevator system, thanks to its internal GSM device, establishes a communication line between the cabin and the operator, or between the operator and the rescue centre.


The two-way Remotelift telephone dialer works at low voltage, inside there are no circuits with voltages higher than 14 VDC.


The GSM Remotelift elevator helpline does not require particular maintenance, you only need to replace the battery every 12 or 18 months for safety reasons, the actual battery life is longer.