NeosGuard Plus

Project Description


NeosGuard Plus

The NeosGuard Plus device represents a revolution in the field of state of the art satellite locators, offering a series of fundamental functions for the safety and protection of individuals, property and animals.

Among its distinctive features, the Man Down Alarm stands out, which automatically detects falls via an inclination sensor and activates a customized alarm when a preset inclination angle is exceeded.

Additionally, the Non-movement Alarm is highly customizable and activates when the device detects no movement for a specific period of time, making it ideal for the elderly and lone workers.

The Downtime Alarm function requires the users interaction and signals prolonged inactivity, requiring the direct pressing of a button.

Finally, NeosGuard Plus is able to make calls with pre-recorded messages to designated people in case of an emergency, providing an important rescue tool with standard or customized messages upon customer request.

This device represents an important evolution in safety and protection of people and their appliances.

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