Gps Pocket

Project Description


GPS Pocket

Key features of the GPS Pocket

  • Small Size
  • Simple Setup
  • Use in Private and Professional Environments
  • Man down system
  • Geofence function
  • Reduced costs

The GpsPocket is a man down device equipped with the man down alarm function, also called downtime alarm, very useful for the safety of lone workers.

A device with an automatic man down alarm, alarm button, GPS and GSM/GPRS module, with voice and SMS mode.

The GPS Pocket is also a light and compact satellite locator, equipped with many advanced and very simple to use functions such as the man down system and the geofence function.

The man down system does not require installation and represents an ideal solution for the safety of lone workers, the protection of elderly people and children, and also the localization of vehicles, elderly people and children when necessary.